PerfectMail Perpetual Licenses and License Renewals

PerfectMail Perpetual Licenses and License Renewals

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  • Basic Spam Filters:Bayesian and outbound filtering. Also performs sending mail server analysis
  • Advanced Spam Filters:Anti-obfuscation, anti-spoofing, anti-phishing, spamvertising, Google safe-browsing, Site analysis, Grey listing
  • Sender Reputation Filters:Black / White lists, RBL and SPF filtering, dynamic spam-trap honey pots
  • Antivirus and Attachment Filters:Message and attachment Anti-virus scanning, dangerous attachment blocking
  • Distributed and Cooperative Filtering:No interruption Auto-updates, community spam analysis and update
  • Web Management Tool:Server dashboard. Domain, account, policy, filter management. Searchable activity / xmit logs, Quarantines, message archiving, per-domain automatic msg footers
  • User Self Service (empowerment) tools:Daily activity reports with review, release, report spam functions. User activity review, release and custom filters console
  • Basic PerfectMail Server Assurance tools:Server ,infrastructure configuration review and validation. Config local, cloud backup

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All PerfectMail editions share a common core set of features including:

  • Basic Spam Filters
  • Advanced Spam Filters
  • Sender Reputation Filters
  • Distributed / Cooperative Filters
  • Web Console Administration and Management
  • End User Empowerment Tools
  • Basic Server Assurance
Intermediate and advanced licenses also offer one or more of the following:

  • Advanced Web Console features like e-mail replay, message deletion and secure shredding, subscriptions to custom RealTime Black Lists
  • Advanced E-mail Traffic Management features including Domain specific e-mail encryption policies, user based e-mail routing, score and forward e-mail delivery
  • Advanced Server Assurance offers ongoing cloud based server health monitoring and alerting, adaptive resource management specifically designed to keep e-mail flowing during denial of service attack
  • Support for more users. The license limit is not hard coded to users. The software is designed to scale up to use more CPU and RAM, provide a larger message store and to support more concurrent e-mail exchanges
  • Multiple server install licenses. Higher tier editions include install entitlements for 2 or 3 production servers. Save money over buying licenses individually
  • More support incidences. Get the support you need to keep mail flowing
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) site license support. Higher tier licenses include 1 or more install entitlements at your disaster preparedness / recovery site
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection. Higher tier licenses hold resources in reserve so that e-mail connections for regular peers flow even during periods of heavy spam attacks
  • Automated configuration cloud backup. PerfectMail will auto backup your server's configuration. It can be easily recovered and used to rapidly recover your PerfectMail server in the event of a major outage

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