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  • Per-Incident Support Entitlements:Get the help you need to quickly resolve PerfectMail issues
  • Consulting Support:Get expert consulting services to help you identify and eliminate infrastructures

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PerfectMail Support Incidents and PerfectMail Consulting Support

PerfectMail Support Incident entitlements are support entitlements sold individually or in discounted bundles. A PerfectMail Support Incident gets you live phone help directly from one of our e-mail experts. Use PerfectMail Support Incidences to:

  • Get your install or upgrade done quickly and efficiently
  • Repair or rebuild a damaged PerfectMail server
  • Perform configuration reviews with actionable recommendations to improve filter effectiveness
  • Troubleshoot mail flow issues between PerfectMail and back end servers
  • Troubleshoot mail flow issues between PerfectMail and external mail peers
  • Create the correct DNS records to ensure mail flows between PerfectMail and cloud mail providers like GMail, Outlook, Yahoo and others
  • And more
You can purchase PerfectMail Support Incidences individually or in bundles.

When Do You Need a Support Incident
When you call in, we will work with you to understand your problem... Problems fall into one of three general categories:

  1. PerfectMail Bugs. If you encounter a situation where PerfectMail is not working as expected, then we will log your problem as a bug and will support you free of charge
  2. PerfectMail issues. If you need help Solving a Configuration, Recovery or Mail Flow issue. You need a PerfectMail Support Incident for us to provide you with the help you need
  3. Infrastructure issues. Problems that impact PerfectMail but are not within the scope of PerfectMail. These could be mail server configuration issues, DNS configuration issues, networking configuration issues, etc.
PerfectMail Bugs
If your problem is traced back to a defect in PerfectMail, we will work with you at no cost to you to identify and isolate the bug, provide a work around and get the bug fix into our next PerfectMail update. This support call will be no cost to you and will NOT consume a support incident.

PerfectMail Issues
If your question relates to an in-place PerfectMail feature already in place in our software, we will point you in the right direction in the software and (possibly) in our documentation or Knowledge Base articles. There will be no cost for this service.

If you need a detailed explanation of the feature, how it works, how it is configured, how to implement and test the feature and/or you request our assistance in performing these tasks, then a Support Incident entitlement is required. If you have Incidents on file with us, we help you and reduce your available Incident count by 1. If you do not have any Support Incidents on file with us, you will need to purchase an Incident before we can help you.

Infrastructure Issues
If we spend more than 5 minutes analyzing your situation and determine (and can demonstrate) that the problem lies outside of PerfectMail, then you have just consumed a Support Incident. If possible, we will try to provide a general description of the problem and what needs to be done to fix the problem. We may point you at any of our Knowledge Base articles, White Papers, etc. However, Support Incidents do not cover detailed analysis, problem identification and / or remediation of problems outside of PerfectMail.

When Do You Need PerfectMail Consulting Support
PerfectMail Consulting Support is available to help you resolve problems related to but not caused by PerfectMail. Examples of problems that fall outside of PerfectMail include:

  • Help identifying back end mail server configuration issues
  • Help identifying external e-mail delivery issues
  • Help identifying the cause of e-mail rejection from popular cloud mail services (such as GMail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Help resolving vendor / partner disputes involving e-mail
  • Help identifying the exact disposition of an e-mail transaction
  • Help recovering from a mail infrastructure disaster
  • Recovering from a PerfectMail server failure due to hardware or virtual hardware failures
  • Etc.

PerfectMail Consulting Support entitlements are pre-paid blocks of consulting time where our experts work with you to help identify, isolate and resolve issues. They are available in 1hr, 4hrs, 8hrs, 12hrs and 16hr blocks of time.

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