VMware vSphere 6 Part 2 - vCenter, Templates, Permissions, Alarms and Converter. Course Book Set

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ESXLab is pleased to offer our VMware vSphere 6 Part 2 - vCenter, Alarms and Templates course book specifically tailored for people who need practical, effective and low cost VMware training. This course teaches you the concepts, procedures and mechanics of installing and configuring vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA), rapid virtual machine deployment using VM Clones and Templates, how to monitor virtual infrastructure for health, performance or state issues with vCenter Alarms, and finally, how to import physically or virtually deployed machines into your vSphere environment using VMware Converter 6.

This course is ideal for people who have successfully installed ESXi 6 and who want to introduce central vCenter management to their environment.

Chapter List

Our vSphere 6 Study Guide includes the following 4 chapters:

  1. How to Install, Configure vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) 6.0 (HoL1)
  2. Rapid Virtual Machine Deployment using Templates and Clones (3 HoLs)
  3. ESXi and vCenter Permissions (HoL)
  4. Infrastructure Monitoring with vCenter Alarms (HoL)
  5. Workload Migration with vCenter Converter (HoL)

1 HoL – Detailed Hands on Labs instructions provided for this chapter in our Lab Guide.

Hands On Labs

Our Lab Guide contains detailed instructions that detail how to complete the following hands on lab tasks:

  • Import and configure vCenter Server Appliance and add ESXi hosts to Inventory
  • Rapidly deploy new Virtual Machines using Templates, Clones and Guest OS Customization
  • Hot add and Hot Expand Virtual Machine Disks
  • Hot Add Virtual CPU and Virtual Memory to a Running Virtual Machine
  • Work with ESXi and vCenter Roles and Permissions
  • Monitor VM Resource Consumption with vCenter Alarms
  • Import a Source Machine into a new Virtual Machine using vCenter Converter

All course materials are delivered as watermarked digital PDF downloads to the e-mail address you provided when you signed up to our site.

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