VMware vSphere 6.7 Optimize, Upgrade, Troubleshoot - Study Guide
VMware vSphere 6.7 Optimize, Upgrade, Troubleshoot - Study Guide

VMware vSphere 6.7 Optimize, Upgrade, Troubleshoot - Advanced Course Book Set

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  • Includes vSphere 6.7 Study Guide:Includes 739 page Study Guide with all slides and slide notes
  • Also includes vSphere 6.7 Lab Guide:This book set also includes a 231 page Lab Guide with step by step instructions on how to complete 20+ lab tasks
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ESXLab is pleased to offer our VMware vSphere 6.7 Optimize, Upgrade, Troubleshoot - training specifically tailored for vSphere professionals who who want to build their vSphere skills.

As the course name says, you need this course if you:

  • Want to improve the scalability, performance and security of  your ESXi hosts, VMs, storage or networking
  • Need to upgrade your existing vSphere environment from vSphere 5.x or vSphere 6.0 / 6.5 to the latest version of vSphere 6.7
  • Need to arm yourself with the skills necessary to avoid or quickly identify and fix issues
  • Want to take advanced of advanced features and capabilities included in vSphere 6.7

Our goal (as always) is to make you the best VMware vSphere 6.7 administrator possible.

If you are looking for lots of detail about our course and what is included in our course books, please check out this link to the full course outline.

Optional Remote Labs

Enhance your learning experience with ready to use *vSphere 6.7 Remote Access Labs*. Click *here* for details.

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We also offer lifetime access to 36hrs of *vSphere 6.0 Video-on-Demand* training. Click *here*for details.

Chapter List

Our vSphere 6.7 Study Guide includes the following 20 chapters:

Chapter 1 – Install, Configure and Secure ESXi 6.7 (HoL1)
Chapter 2 – Virtual and Physical Networking (HoL1)
Chapter 3 – Advanced Virtual Networking (HoL1)
Chapter 4 – Connecting to NAS Shared storage (HoL1)
Chapter 5 – Virtual Hardware and Virtual Machines (HoL1)
Chapter 6 – vCenter Server Appliance Upgrade and Configure (HoL1)
Chapter 7 – Virtual Machine Rapid Deployment (HoL1)
Chapter 8 – Upgrade ESXi hosts, VMs with VMware Update Manager (HoL1)
Chapter 9 – Connecting to Fibre & iSCSI Shared Storage (HoL1)
Chapter 10 – Understand and Use Raw Device Maps (HoL1)
Chapter 11 – Working with VMFS Filesystems (HoL1)
Chapter 12 – Storage Profiles (HoL1)
Chapter 13 – Storage Load Balancing with SDRS Clusters (HoL1)
Chapter 14 – VM VMotion, Storage VMotion Migration (HoL1)
Chapter 15 – HA Cluster CPU/Memory Resource Mgt. (HoL1)
Chapter 16 – VMware Fault Tolerance (HoL1)
Chapter 17 – Distributed vSwitch Features and Scalability (HoL1)
Chapter 18 - Final Thoughts

1 HoL – Detailed Hands on Labs instructions provided for this chapter in our Lab Guide.

Hands On Labs

Our Lab Guide contains detailed instructions that detail how to complete the following hands on lab tasks:

  • Install of ESXi 6.7 and perform post-install configuration steps
  • Review ESXi services and configure ESXi firewall
  • Enable ESXi Lockdown mode to prevent direct host configuration changes
  • Create/update Standard vSwitch configurations
  • Configure vSwitch Security Policies for Promiscuous Mode, MAC Address Changes and Forged Transmits
  • Configure a vSwitch, VMkernel ports for Jumbo Frame use
  • Connect to NFS storage
  • Create a new VM according to best practices
  • Update VMs for service by pCPU cores (not hyperthreaded logical processors)
  • Import and configure vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 via command line
  • Perform an upgrade of vCenter Server Appliance from v6.0 to v6.7
  • Import and configure VMware Management Assistant
  • Use vCLI command line tools like vifptarget, esxcli, localcli, vmware-cmd and other commands
  • Use ESXtop to monitor resource use and pinpoint performance concerns
  • Rapidly deploy VMs from Templates and Clones
  • Tune VM vCPU to maximize CPU performance
  • Enable and use Hot-plug virtual hardware
  • Monitor storage controller queue length and performance
  • Monitor ESXi host and VM memory use
  • Configure and use VMware Update Manager to update an ESXi host from ESXi 6.0 to ESXi 6.7
  • Use VMware Update Manager to upgrade a VM’s virtual hardware
  • Connect to an iSCSI SAN
  • Create VMFS file systems
  • Expand VMFS using LUN Spanning and LUN expansion
  • Create custom storage profiles and assign them to VMFS volumes
  • Assign storage profiles to VMs
  • Perform storage compliance checks and remediate non-compliant VMs
  • Create Storage DRS clusters and use Storage DRS to manage storage capacity and I/O load
  • Use Host Profiles to create ESXi Host configuration rulesets
  • Use Host Profiles to verify and fix non-compliant host configurations
  • Create a High Availability Cluster
  • Configure All Paths Down and Permanent Device Loss policies in an HA cluster
  • Create a multi-core Fault Tolerant VM
  • Create Distributed vSwitches
  • Bulk migrate VMs from Standard to Distributed vSwitches
  • dvSwitch Configuration Backup Up and Restore
  • Enable and use dvSwitch Health Management
  • Using dvSwitch port shadowing
  • Testing network health on dvSwitches
  • Work with dvSwitch configuration roll back and recovery

All course materials are delivered as watermarked digital PDF downloads to the e-mail address you gave use when you signed up to our site.

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